Special introductory offer:

$10 per submitted tape or video.

$20 per submitted record.

$5 per CD or DVD used. Multiple copies are $5 each.

Note: The average price for a video or tape conversion is $15 for one copy. The number of discs used is not necessarily the same as the number of tapes submitted. Some CDs can take more than one tape or video. A 90 minute tape needs two CDs, as a CD will take one hour of music. A single DVD takes two hours of video. Multiple copies of the same disc are also $5 each.

A record will usually fit onto one CD. The price for records is higher due to the extensive processing involved with dubbing them, including running the file through two separate sets of software to clean up the sound.

$10 extra for custom printed case, please supply photos for scanning.

$10 for cassette or videotape repair.

Return postage as applicable, Australia Post rates apply. Pick up and delivery may be arranged for local jobs.


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