Good Replications: Preserving Your Memories

29 01 2010

Good Replications is dedicated to providing you with a trustworthy, fast and efficient service that will convert your audio cassettes, vinyl records (33 1/3, 45 and 78 speeds) and VHS tapes into digital formats (CD, DVD and mp3 or .aif file formats). Our experienced staff, using state of the art equipment and software, will preserve your memories so they can be stored on your hard drive or memory stick and be safe forever, or burnt to a CD for easy listening.

Each disc comes colour printed with track listing, if applicable, and images if supplied. We also offer printed gift cases – perfect for 21st birthdays or any other special occasion.

Our service is perfect for schools and businesses wanting to preserve or format-change their valuable materials.

We can even repair most chewed and broken cassettes and videos.

Get out those old tapes and records and give us a call!

In all instances copyright will be respected.

ABN: 730 554 84116




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